What is the Microsoft Registered Refurbisher Program?

Microsoft Registered Refurbisher Program

A Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher is a non-profit or for-profit organization that has qualified to take part in an official Microsoft program for licensing Windows and other software on refurbished computers. 

Participants in the program can install licensed Windows 10 Professional and Microsoft Office 2010 Home and Business with Office, Excel, Word, Outlook and Power Point. This software can only be installed and licensed on computers for eligible recipients. Eligible recipients include:

  • - Public Museums
  • - Charities (501c3)
  • - National , state/provincial or local government agency
  • - International Governmental Organizations (IGOs)
  • - Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs)
  • - Public Libraries
  • - Disabled Individuals
  • - Members of low-income families
  • - Citizens of low-income countries defined by World Bank
  • - Educational Institutions (Not eligible for Office)
  • - Specially approved Technology Access Program (TAP)

Non-eligible recipients can receive Windows 10 Professional or Home for an additional cost.

Registered Refurbishers must meet the following requirements:

  • - Only PCs that are at least six months old and have an original valid Windows Certificate of Authenticity may be refurbished.
  • - Refurbished PCs must first have their hard drives' data wiped in accordance with recognized standards.
  • - Each refurbished PC must be given a new genuine Windows software license (new operating system, Certificate of Authenticity, and recovery solution).

The main benefit of the refurbisher program is access to license Microsoft software at a lower cost than is charged to manufacturers of new PCs. Program members also get access to special software designed to make it simpler to install Windows on refurbished computers. 

Registered vs Authorized
Microsoft splits its licensing for refurbishers into two programs: Microsoft Registered Refurbisher and Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher. The official difference between the two is that an authorized refurbisher must be refurbishing an average of at least 5,000 PCs a month. The main practical difference is that anyone can apply on the Microsoft website to be a registered refurbisher, while a firm must send an e-mail to inquire about the authorized refurbisher program and await contact from a Microsoft representative.