Tech Reuse Certified Refurbished = 100% Peace-of-Mind

There is no industry standard for a "Certified Refurbished" computer.  That's why Tech Reuse created its own test requirements and procedures that computers must pass before they are offered on  Our "Certfied Refurbished" standard ensures all computers are high-quality, fully-functional systems that can be used for a long period of tiem.  

All computers offered by Tech Reuse and its vendors go through the following steps:


  • It all starts with data destruction. Perhaps the most important step is destroying the past user’s data to ensure no trace is left for the new user. Only industry leading data erase software is used to erase data. 
  • Once data is erased computers are examined for major cosmetic or internal damage. Different grades, such as A, B and C are given for each computer based on its cosmetic condition. This grading system allows the buyer to know what to expect.
  • Dust is vacuumed out, and high pressure air is sprayed in power supply, processor, fans and throughout the case and all stickers are removed and case is cleaned.
  • Finally, the motherboard is inspected for leaking or domed capacitors.


  • Computers that are missing hard drives, memory or cards get replacements and upgrades.
  • The BIOS is checked to ensure there is no lock and it is set to default
  • The CD ROM, fan, battery, and power supply is checked.
  • Missing slot covers are replaced and desktops are shaken to ensure there are no loose screws or other pieces that will damage internal components during transportation.


  • Computers are booted and their hardware specifications are captured and entered into a tracking database and printed on a label.
  • Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) software is used to test components CPU, RAM, optical drive and hard drive.
  • All tests are verified by hardware test log. Test results are either printed and attached to the computer case or uploaded to a database for future reference. 


  • Windows operating system is installed.
  • Other software, including Microsoft Office, is installed based on the end customer. 
  • All updates applied.
  • Installation is verified to ensure there are no missing drivers. 


  • Only packaging that suspends the desktop, laptop or monitor is used. This type of packaging ensures not corners get broken during transport and computers can be safely shipped to any destination.